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                       Ernest A. Coe

                                                            those who have come before us.

                                                                                                mowers.  The automobile had not yet achieved popular usage.
                                                                              course was improved with new greens and fairways in the 1990’s.


                                          a more complete and accurate historical record than we ever thought possible. We are grateful.

                                                                                         Glen Echo has hosted the only Olympic golf match in the U.S., survived a Great Depression, two World
                                                                                                   proximity to the railroad.  Horses were used to build and maintain the course.  Sheep served as the lawn
                                                                                     Wars and numerous other local, national, and international crises.  Many well known St. Louisans have
                                                                                 been members throughout the years.  In recent years, the clubhouse has been totally renovated and the golf
                                                                                                       one hundred years.  When the club was founded in 1901, its location was determined, in large part, by its
                                                                                                           As Glen Echo Country Club prepares to move into its second century, it is appropriate to reflect on the first

                                                               work to improve Glen Echo for the next hundred years while remembering and respecting the traditions established by
                                             coupled with his perseverance, dedication, enthusiasm, detail and genuine passion for his work helped this club to have
                                                                       Today, we have a vibrant membership, a dedicated, highly competent management staff and a golf course which has
                                                                   never been better.  These components give the club a solid base upon which to build for the next century.  Together, let us
      A Century of Families
                                                     On behalf of the membership of Glen Echo Country Club, I would like to extend my deepest and sincerest thanks to
                                                 Jim Healey, our author. While many members made contributions, Jim's knowledge of the history of golf in St. Louis

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