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      Glen Echo Country Club  1901-2001

                                                                             lore and traditions.
                                                                                                      tude of individuals.

                       did in putting it together.

                                            historical photographs in its archives.

                                                       dous importance in the success of this effort.

                  Jim Healey
               March 2001
                                                                                           this project.  It has been a most enjoyable and rewarding experience.

                                 Superintendent Dan Hasekamp were all very generous with their time and knowledge.

                                                                                                         Any project of this magnitude cannot take place without substantial guidance, assistance and cooperation from a multi-
                                                                                               I would like to thank the Board of Governors at Glen Echo for allowing me the opportunity to work with the Club on
                                                                                    Timothy J. Dulle, General Manager of the Glen Echo Country Club, must accept much credit for spearheading this effort.
                                                                                The membership is fortunate to have someone like Tim, with his never-wavering love of the Club, its history, legends,
                                                A very special thanks is also extended to Don Reed and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for allowing access to the wonderful
                                     Among the Glen Echo staff, head professional Nash Haxel, his assistants Art Vibulakaopun and Derek Dirnberger, and
                           To everyone in the Glen Echo family; I hope you enjoy this work and the many memories contained herein as much as I
                                                          Sohl, Sue Schultz, Mary Rose Heil and Lynette Chrenka.  Their generosity of time and love of Glen Echo were of tremen-
                                                                      There have also been invaluable contributions by members and friends of Glen Echo, all of whom provided unique expe-
                                                                  riences which helped shape this work.  Special thanks go out to Lorette Medart, Mary Reedy, Eileen Clarkson, Dick
                                                              Shaiper, Bill Hall, Betty Jane Broz, Dolores Williams, Jack Powers, Nancy Lambert, Bill McDonnell, Nan and Curtis
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