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minds of Vardon

                                                pions unlike any other.
                                                                                       and Ray

                     Let us insure that we leave her better than we found her.
                                                                          looking the sixteenth?  Do we “see the line” as Betsy Rawls

                          past with pride and to the future with anticipation.  We are the caretakers of Glen Echo.
                                                                      in 1954 - a mere nine-under ladies par?  And as we finish our round and we look back
                              ever.  As we conclude our first century under our magnificent oaks, we should look to the
                                                                               did during their final match in 1940 as they watched them dart into their home over-
                                                                          did shooting her amazing 67
                                                                 down the eighteenth fairway, can we picture the legendary Mickey Wright, thrilling the
                                                    is the real Glen Echo.  With a history so rich and unique, and a list of events and cham-
                                   them as the eccentric aunt in our family tree - the luster of the club shines as bright as
                                       So despite the brief interruptions in our history - we might just want to think of
                                                             crowd with her classic swing as she was victorious here in  ‘64’.  As Terrance Mann noted
                                                         in Field of Dreams, “the memories will be so thick you’ll have to brush them away.” This
                                                                                            he walked off the sixteenth green as Olympic Champion - and the dejection of the youthful Egan

                                                                                   shot into the lake on fifteen to eventually lose her shot at a title in 1922?  Can we hear the birds chirping as Patty Berg
                                                                                                the lakes in our on-going struggle with par.  Yet do we really see what’s there?  Can we picture in our minds what Lyon

                                                                                                     which befalls any event which becomes commonplace.  We see the markers and the trees, we walk the hills and valleys and we surmount
                                                                                                must have felt as
                                                                                                                  allow for greater playability.  And to keep the Club moving forward holes were added and redesigned to provide for better, more challeng-
                                                                                                             ing play.  But it’s the essential character of the course and the land that remains the same.  And it’s that which separates Glen Echo from
                                                                                                         all others.  Sadly, many of us may have forgotten the thrill of our first round over this remarkable land.  We have fallen into the routine
                                                                                       as they searched for the proper shot on the ninth?  Do we feel the agony of Blanche Sohl as she hooked her tee
                                                                                   and Betty Jameson
                                                                                            by his side?  Or what went through the
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