It's Been Launched!

After several months of hard work and dedication, the Glen Echo Historic District Preservation Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of our new website located at: Our goal for the website was to provide a virtual museum to present to visitors which showcases an important place in the St. Louis community and its activities - along with providing an avenue to update and communicate successes to supporters.

To a certain degree, the advent of our website feels like a Glen Echo Country Club Opening Day - shown in this picture.  

The “About Us” section includes information about the organization, such as the Glen Echo Historic District Preservation Foundation’s mission and history

We will utilize the site to update supporters about upcoming events in the “News” section along with event sponsorship opportunities that raise funds to support our mission. 

Last but not least, we will employ the website to thank our contributors.  Through their support the Glen Echo Historic District Preservation Foundation has been able to advance its mission rapidly.  The list of supporters follows this introduction (minus the names of some bashful contributors).

At this time we would also like to thank our website developer, BASAWE and its programmers, and particularly Edin Campara, for their time and energy in making our new website a reality.  (Not to mention that the vast majority of the work was provided on a gratis basis.)  Katie Dooley’s work to provide a massive amount of the initial museum photos is also appreciated.

As we continue to focus on the growth of the Glen Echo Historic District Preservation Foundation, we believe that communication with those we serve is essential, and we hope that this new website supports that effort. 

Note: This website is far from complete.  It is in its infancy.  Not only will we work to find historical objects to bolster content – but we hope interested parties will share their documents and pictures with the Glen Echo Historic District Preservation Foundation to add to the museum room contents and preserve history as it happens.  

If you have any questions or feedback or items to post on the new website, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you!


The Directors of the Glen Echo Historic District Preservation Foundation

Plus, many thanks to this remarkable group of supporters!




  • John  Abels
  • David  Adam & Melany Nitzsche
  • Clay & Kristina Adam
  • Natalie & John Alberici
  • Christa Balog
  • Ted Beaty
  • Anthony Bommarito
  • Joe Boruff
  • Lori & Edin Campara
  • Beth & Marco Castaneda
  • Clay & Hillary Coffee
  • Carlos Daughaday
  • Katie Dooley
  • James A. Dougherty
  • William & Joan Edmonds Foundation 
  • Michael & Mary Ann Farley
  • Christopher Fikes
  • Richard and Mimi Fister
  • Allie Fluhr
  • Katherine Fluhr
  • Steve and Beth Fluhr
  • F.C. and Margaret  Gebhard
  • William H. Gentry
  • Tim Gentry
  • Mark Giroux
  • Gerald P. Greiman
  • Tim Grossman
  • Michael & Beth Hackett
  • Mark & Michelle Haley
  • Steve and Mary Ann Hallemann
  • Gene & Glenda Henderson
  • Michael  Herbig

  • Robert  Herold
  • Paul & Cindy Herrin
  • John Hillhouse
  • Joe Hof
  • Tom  Kissell
  • Wayne & Michelle Klenke
  • David Kodner
  • Charles & Diane Kofron
  • Steve and Jean Kohnen
  • David  Landesman
  • Gary & Marilyn Lange
  • Hugh Law
  • Donna Leach
  • Jay Lockhart
  • Lee  Lottes
  • Ken and Tory Mallin
  • Micheal & Tara Markenson
  • Dennis & Bettina Markwardt
  • Edward & Margaret McCarthy
  • Tom  Migneron
  • Nancy & Eric Miller
  • Stephen Moore
  • Greg Murphy
  • Pat & Pam Perry
  • John & Mary Ronsick
  • Phillip & Marie Saunders
  • Albert M Schupmann
  • William D Shearburn
  • Matt & Elizabeth Sherman
  • Andy Shrensker
  • Wally and Allison Smith
  • Robert & Juli Timney
  • Leonard  Toenjes
  • James  Von Der Heydt

  • Brian Walsh
  • Tim Weinstock
  • Potthoff Family Foundation 
  • MAC 
  • PRP Wines International 
  • Fischer-Bauer-Knirps Foundation 
  • GECC 
  • Herbie's Restaurant